Consumer Antivirus

CyberSecurity: Antivirus Required

One of the most basic software requirements for home and business users is antivirus software, but choosing the right antivirus solution is not always easy. In the crowded market of antivirus software, most companies provide a definitions-based software product that requires regular software updates and definitions updates to remain up-to-date and actually able to successfully protect an endpoint. Some do this more effectively than others, as revealed by independent research groups, but what is of paramount importance is any required software for basic computer use like antivirus CANNOT make the device slow and more hard to use.

Antivirus Solutions

We’ve tested a lot of antivirus software, and we’ve landed on a few options that beat out the rest. VIPRE, Webroot, and a few others provide robust protection, small software footprints and central management capabilities that have proven effective time and time again. Reach out to us today to learn more or start a conversation.