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Video Walls Are Here to Stay

Installed at Auburn University’s downtown Birmingham, AL location, this large video wall’s presence dominates the ground floor lobby. 

Professional Audio Visual Installations


Our sound and audio solutions will amplify your message and clearly deliver the content your audience came to hear and experience.

Managed IT Services

Our high-definition video solutions will ensure your content is clearly presented for audiences large and small, near and far, to experience all the right content.


Our professional lighting solutions will brighten your meeting space to provide maximum visibility and enhance the purpose of your meeting.

Wireless Microphones

Modernizing your wireless microphone systems for crisp clarity will ensure your audience receives the message clearly every time.

Projection & Video Walls

Presenting crisp visuals with high-definition projection and video walls will ensure your audience can clearly see what you want them to see.

Theatrical Lighting

Inspiring both cast and audience with an impressive lighting presence will demonstrate the importance of your theatrical event.

Assistive Listening

Providing assistive listening solutions will demonstrate that your organization desires to make sure every attendee can hear exactly what is being presented.

Video Conferencing

Maintaining modern video conferencing solutions ensures that your organization can always stay in touch with your entire team, local and remote.

Lighting for Video

Implementing ample professional lighting to complement video recording, streaming, or broadcast will set your content apart from the rest.

Acoustic Paneling

Managing natural room characteristics with acoustic paneling and sound dampening solutions will deepen the audio clarity your audience naturally expects.

Digital Signage

Providing impressive digital signage in high-traffic areas of your facility will instruct and direct staff and visitors to the right location.

Moving Lights

Augmenting fixed lighting with solutions that can quickly and reliably brighten your impressive stage will distinguish your venue from the rest.

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