Induction Hearing Loops

Reliant Media is pleased to announce becoming the First and Only Williams Sound™️ Certified Induction Hearing Loop Company in the State of Alabama. Through integrating systems engineered by Williams Sound™️, a leading manufacturer of hearing assistance, professional audio, and induction loop systems, we are pleased to offer induction hearing loops to our clients.

While the technology for induction hearing loops was originally developed decades ago, implementation of loop systems has not become well known nor widespread. Multiple solutions exist for providing hearing assistance in amplified, public settings, yet the induction loop provides an opportunity to implement a site-wide hearing assistance solution that requires only T-coil enabled hearing aids or pocket-sized T-coil receivers. Those with T-coil enabled hearing aids appreciate that they can simply walk into a ‘looped’ area and begin immediately receiving the amplified signal without having to ask for an additional receiver from the sound team.


What locations are good candidates for hearing loops? Virtually any meeting space can be looped. From conference rooms and small meeting spaces to churches and large theaters, induction loops provide a permanently embedded means to provide hearing assistance to anyone with a T-coil enabled listening device.

Do you yourself use or know someone who uses hearing assistance devices? If induction loops were more widespread and available, their ability to hear and connect in audiences would be greatly improved in quality and clarity, vitally making them a part of the presentation as engaged listeners who clearly understand what is being presented. Help us get the word out on this unique technology and let us know how we can you help others hear more clearly!